O Great One!

A little story about the
awesome power of recognition

Crown | OGO (O Great One) The Book by David Novak

By David Novak (New York Times Bestselling Author and Globally Acclaimed Leadership & Recognition Expert)

with Christa Bourg

Book | OGO (O Great One) The Book by David Novak
If you want to improve your life and the lives of those around you, just apply the ten principles my friend David Novak lays out in this book.

People everywhere are talking about O Great One!

Suzy and Jack Welch, Phil Mickelson, Jamie Dimon, Gen. Ray Ordierno, Indra Nooyi and other great people are taking notes from David Novak’s parable on recognition.

Novak is on a mission to get people to recognize others for being the great people that they are and for doing the great things that they do. His book, O Great One!, has set his work in motion by teaching readers why recognizing others is important and how that recognition can motivate regular people to achieve great success.

"This book is dedicated to attacking the recognition deficit that exists in our world today. To all the people out there who are doing great things and deserve to be recognized for it, this story is for you."
David Novak | OGO (O Great One) The Book David Novak
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